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Our service for companies 


The Hamburg Real Estate Database (HDB) offers up-to-date information on commercial properties and spaces by public and private vendors. All objects can be researched and displayed according to specific criteria, e.g. type of real estate, lease/purchase, location, address, and vendor. This enables you to retrieve information on different objects and compare them based on the available data. The Hamburg Invest’s real estate service team is your first port of call for all queries regarding commercial spaces in Hamburg. In addition, we will be happy to provide you with free advice regarding the choice of suitable properties.





Our service for real estate vendors


The Hamburg Real Estate Database (HDB) serves as an additional distribution channel for providers of real estate, commercial properties, and industrial sites located within the city limits of Hamburg. Our database is an excellent opportunity to showcase your properties in Hamburg.



Hamburg Event Pilot

The Hamburg Event Pilot provides an overview of public and private spaces available across the entire City of Hamburg. The tool offers detailed information on the location’s size, ground conditions, environment, logistics, safety conditions, and other characteristics as well as contact details of the respective location manager. Based on this, event organisers can preselect suitable sites and exclude all those that are deemed unsuitable – prior to enquiring about a site or entering into any approval procedures. The Hamburg Event Pilot is an easy-to-use tool aimed at supporting location managers, authorities, and event organisers.



Detailed information of public and private open spaces throughout the City:

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