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Research and innovation

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Hamburg - a Center of science


Scientific excellence and a high level of innovation activity are key factors for Hamburg in remaining competitive as a science and business location and in retaining the city’s sound economic basis. These two factors generate innovations and new enterprises, which, in turn, guarantee future success by contributing to a strong industry sector, a strong research sector, and fruitful collaboration between science and industry. To ensure Hamburg’s future as a centre of science, the Hamburg Senate has set itself the task of reviewing and enhancing framework conditions for innovation and startups on an ongoing basis. As part of these efforts, Hamburg is currently creating a network of four research parks, which are each in different development stages and which each have been equipped with a scientific anchor institution, thus laying the foundations for Hamburg’s future success as a science location.





In Hamburg, there are two different types of Research and Innovation locations:






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Detailed information about the research facilities


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1. Harbor

Completion date: 2020

2. Revitalisierung des CCH

Completion date: 2020

3. Innovation Park Altona

Location: Vorhornweg I Luruper Hauptstraße, 22547 Hamburg

Status: Start 2. quarter 2018

Focus: Life sciences, laser and nanotechnology, new materials, analytics

Owner: Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

Total area: 6-8 ha

4. Innovation Park Bergedorf

Location: east of Curslacker Neuer Deich, 21029 Hamburg

Status: probably 2021

Focus: Energy storage systems, wind energy technology, grids/grid integration, 3-D laser technology, optical technology/photonics

Owner: Free an Hanseatic City of Hamburg

Total area: ca. 20 ha

5. Innovation Park Finkenwerder

Location: Hein-Saß-Stieg, 21129 Hamburg

Focus: Aviation

Owner: Free an Hanseatic City of Hamburg

Total area: marketing finished

6. Innovation Park Harburg

Location: Schlachthofstraße, 21079 Hamburg

Status: probably 2019

Focus: Green tech, medical technology

Owner: Free an Hanseatic City of Hamburg

Total area: ca. 6-20 ha

7. KörberHaus

8. Neubau für das IWES

9. Sanierung Philosophenturm