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Research and innovation parks (R&I parks)

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To create and promote technology centres in Hamburg, the InnovationsAllianz Hamburg has launched an initiative aimed at establishing a network of research and technology parks (R&I parks) with different focal areas where possible. R&I parks are institutions and commercial premises used for the purpose of technology and knowledge transfer, where stakeholders from business and academia engage in application-oriented research and development activities. Ideally, R&I parks cater for all three development stages, i.e. that of incubator (for new entrepreneurs), technology centre (for young innovative businesses/research establishments), and commercial premises. Initially, the regional focus for developing R&I parks in Hamburg will be on the districts of Altona, Bergedorf, and Harburg. For each of these locations, individual concepts are currently being developed with a view of the specific requirements and conditions of each location. Identifying suitable sites and ensuring their correct use constitute a core element of these concepts.



There are three different types of research and innovation parks:







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