Logistic Micro-Hubs in Hamburg

The rapidly growing e-commerce business and the increasingly customer-oriented delivery structures of stationary trade are changing the classic logistical flows of goods and traffic, which is leading to new challenges for delivery over the last mile. This development requires new logistical concepts to relieve the burden on Hamburg's inner city and high-density residential areas close to the city centre. Small, district-based and decentralised local logistics units, the so-called micro-hubs/depots, play a particularly important role in this diverse and complex distribution system.

These micro-hubs are relatively small units of approx. 50 - 250 sqm of floor space, which is used by the various CEP service providers (courier / express and parcel service providers) for their end customer distribution. These locations are only visited once a day with a larger vehicle (max. 7,5 t), and thereafter parcel distribution from these units/objects will only be carried out to the end customers on foot, by cargo bicycle or other suitable electro-mobilised small vehicle.


Location potential for the micro-hubs

HIW Hamburg Invest Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft (HIW) has been commissioned by the Authority of Economics and Innovation (BWI) to develop new logistics solutions for the last mile and, on this basis, to identify district-specific location potential for micro-hubs. With the following Internet-based presentation of potential locations, the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg wants to build a micro-hub network for the entire FHH, which is based on public and private areas. The aim is to promote and accelerate the implementation of innovative “last mile” logistics concepts while at the same time maintaining a harmonious cityscape.

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MicroHubs: Single-User Hub „Basic" (S), Single-User Hub „Max" (M), Multi-User Hub „Basic" (M*)

Location: Offakamp 9, 22529 Hamburg

Owner: Sprinkenhof