Harburg Innovation Park



Dynamic growth amidst an urban setting: the innovation park at the vibrant location of Harburg is characterised by dynamic development as well as continuous growth in research and technology, which is also thanks to a number of private investors. The location offers excellent conditions for the transfer of knowledge between businesses and universities, e.g. through TUTECH, the local technology transfer company.


The Harburg location enables both young and established companies to draw from the expertise of a broad range of scientific institutions. The Hamburg University of Technology, which serves as the anchor institution, is planning to create additional chairs in the area of digitisation and engineering, and the Fraunhofer Center for Maritime Logistics and Services CML is scheduled to relocate to the Channel Hamburg site at the Harburg upriver port.


TUTECH Innovation GmbH, the TUHH's knowledge and technology transfer company, is dedicated to supporting e.g. cooperation projects between science and industry by providing knowledge-based startup businesses with state-of-the-art infrastructure at the Innovation Campus Green Technologies (ICGT). Together with the local Startup Dock, TUTECH also advises and supports nascent entrepreneurs from the higher education sector.


Various residential and hotel projects as well as a number of initiatives by private investors are accelerating Harburg’s transformation into a highly innovative quarter that comprises a reliable network of individual sites. Overall, the Harburg location offers excellent conditions for translating innovative ideas into marketable products.





Planning data


Concept - technology centre + commercial premises


Anchor institutions - Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), Fraunhofer CML


Marketable area - approx. Schlachthofstraße ca. 3,14 ha, At the Radeland in perspective up to about 20 ha


Location - Schlachthofstrasse& Am Radeland


Quarter/district - Harburg | Harburg


Owner - Free and Hanseatic City of Hambur, partial private property


Technological focus - e.g. green tech, aviation/maritimes, medical technolog as wellas digitization and materials science


Available for construction -  Schlachthofstraße est. 2020; Am Radeland est. 2024


Available for sale - Expressions of interest for land on the Schlachthofstraße possible