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HIW's Commercial and Industrial Areas


Hamburg is turning its focus to the east and is inviting to join the debate on development perspectives. The economic potential of the industrial site Billbrook and Rothenburgsort is to be further strengthened to create modern and sustainable jobs.


New companies are to be attracted to commercial and industrial areas in Billbrook and Rothenburgsort by sharpening their profiles and enhancing urban qualities to remain magnets for modern industrial companies.


The IBA Hamburg GmbH and the HIW have been commissioned to develop an action plan to modernize and revitalize the area by the Ministry of Economy, Traffic, and Innovation (short BWVI) . A website has been launched to accompany the process and to stimulate dialogue.

At, you will find information about the location, the urban development concept and the relevant players involved. At the same time, the website is an invitation for dialogue. Frank Horch, Hamburg Minister of Economy, Transport, and Innovation: "Hamburg has to increase its efforts in providing space to industrial companies to grow. They are the ones that are investing into projects securing the future. In Hamburg's east, we will create a home for the industry 4.0. With our new online presence, we launched an info platform to initiate dialogue." © IBA Hamburg 2014

Gewerbegebiet Neuland 23


Gentle lighting, a high proportion of green space and the use of regenerative energies in the development of industrial estates are the key factors for urban development. Contribution to the Senate's climate protection goals. The Neuland 23 project is planned as one of 19 climate model quarters in Hamburg. With cooling green roofs, an integrated rainwater and energy management system and photovoltaic systems, the 27-hectare site will become an energy- and climate-efficient Industrial estate developed.

Together with the ReGe Hamburg Hamburg Invest currently develops in the south of Hamburg the industrial site of Harburg-Neuland for logistics.

The future logistics park is to secure and create jobs as well as contribute to the strengthening of the economic power of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Conveniently located next to the federal motorway A1, the logistics park at Hamburg's southern gateway will be developed as a model project of climate protection.

The concept goes beyond mere compliance with the Energy Saving Ordinance. Instead, the sustainable construction of halls and facilities as well as the use of renewable energies and the careful handling of rainwater are intended to meet demanding environmental aspects.

Current status

Construction work is currently underway. The 780,000 m³ of sand required to raise the surface area has been introduced into the area. The main activity at present is the internal rearrangement of the sand to create the necessary subsidence of the subsoil.


Facts & Figures

Construction Time: 2016 – 2019

Area: 25 Hectares
Location: north of Neuländer Straße/ A1exit 23
District: Harburg